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 Site Rules: Please read

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PostSubject: Site Rules: Please read   Thu Aug 09, 2012 11:14 am

All rules apply.

1.) 3 strikes and you're out. A point system is set up for discipline. Once someone accumulates 3 points a short ban will be placed on them.
2.) No Multi-accounts. The site is set up with multiple rp's just remember and remind people who you are and stick with one account.
3.) No insulting users. Characters are fine while roleplaying but insulting the person is frowned upon.
4.) No cursing out of Character (does not count for chatbox).
5.) RP section rules are to be respected. Each one will most likely have their own rule set. Follow them.
6.) Arguing with a Moderator or Admin can get you an Auto-ban. We run this site and it's our job to way in or inforce the rules. If you have a problem present it to another member of the staff.
7.) Rule are subject of change and will more then likely be updated as time goes on.
8.) Only Admin are allowed to post or edit in the R.P.B.F News Network replies are allowed.
9.) If a Rp is seen to be unactive it will be giving a warning via a Admin post. If no one replies in a month (30 day period) it will be deleted.
10.) If the Moderator of a section doesn't act in a 14 day period they will lose their moderation ability and the most active user of the section will be offered the position.

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Site Rules: Please read
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