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 Your own Anime Network

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Tsukai Tsume


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PostSubject: Your own Anime Network   Fri Sep 07, 2012 7:51 pm

Okay first off I’m going to explain this post. I was sitting here playing Minecraft (or trying because of lag) when I decided to ponder on what if I ran my own Anime network so I sent a challenge to two of my friends (Arashi and Oroike) to see if they’d accept and do this as well. Arashi accepted right away and gave me a good (but very brief) idea of what he would do. So I decided to take this one step further and do an entire week of programing breaking it down from 6 a.m Monday to 5:30 a.m the next Monday. Allowing an entire week of what I’d offer to be seen. Of course I’ll explain the time blocks. Some will enter into special blocks I will name I’ll also point out when a new episode of a series will be shown. This is of course for fun as much as trying to encourage everyone else to do this so I can read theirs. 

6 am IGPX
A full hour of IGPX is a fine way to start off Monday mornings. It’ll bring it out of the more mature content I plan to have in the late hours of the night (or early morning if you see it that way) Easy way to settle in I believe.

7 am Dragon Ball
Here we go, kicking off with reruns or the first ep. Dragon Ball is something everyone can enjoy. I know I did (actually liked it more the DBZ) This gives early morning a little worth I think by keeping things nice and upbeat.

7:30 Card Captor Sakura
Okay we have to add something like this in. I remember watching this here and there as a kid. I remember enjoying it but don’t remember much about it. But from what I gather its very kid friendly for this time that’s the best thing I know how to do.

8 am DN Angel
I love this series I’ve watched it all the way through 4+ times. It’s very light hearted and I feel like it would be best showing this right after CCS. So here it shall set.

8:30 Dragon Ball
Why wouldn’t you want it twice? By this time most teens and kids are gone to school. Others are off to work and the time for really childlike anime is coming up for the really little kids. To give them some time before the collage kids and slackers roll out of bed at noon.

3 Hour block for young children

9-10 am Hamtaro
LITTLE HAMSTER BIG MOTHER FUCKING ADVENTURES! In middle school I’d be up every morning watching this and Zoids Chaotic century. It’s cute, sadly I found it interesting and what little kid isn’t going to love talking hamsters? The new episode would be show at 9:30 every monday ending the hour on the weekdays. Once the series was over it would be redone from the beginning.

10:30 B-Densetsu! Battle Bedaman
New episode until it’s over. I’m not a fan of this. I feel like it’s a Beyblade, yu-gi-oh rip off. But it seems really kid friendly (the others are to but what channel hasn’t shown them. It would be a new ep every Monday. After it ends replace it with Medabots (one I love) and treat it the same way.

11 am Fighting Foodons
I didn’t want to go the cowards way out and pick pokemon or digimon. But fighting foodons was interesting it ran on fox for a time being and was dubbed by 4kids. It’s entertaining and with 26 episodes I could run it until finished and replace it with on of the others if ratings ect weren’t what I was hoping. Showing a new episode every Monday to keep it somewhat interesting

11:30 Mister Ajikko
All about the foods, with 99 episode and a new one appearing every Monday this G-rated anime will bring a bit of something different into the mix. It’s all about the main character challenging people to cook offs. Idk about anyone else but I think it would be fun to watch, and it give Hamtaro a run with in time. Hopefully drawing kids in and getting them dedicated.

12 to 2:30 will be spent showing the episode of what happen on the 3 to 5:30 shows the day before
Mondays will show Fridays
Tuesdays will show Mondays
Wednesday will show Tuesdays
Thursdays will show Wednesdays
Friday will show Thursday

After School activities
3:00 Pm to 6:00 pm

3 Dragon Ball/DBZ/DBGT
We’ll start it off with the Dragon Ball series then progress through them. It’s something most anime fans have already seen, easy to love and we’ll be replayed the next day and on weekends giving everyone time to catch up. With a new episode every day it’s perfect to go on with.

3:30 Prince of Tennis/New Prince of Tennis
Sports man, of course after school activities have sports involved? I watched 20+ episodes of prince of tennis and really enjoyed it before I became inept at keeping up with Toonami. I enjoyed it and from what I can tell most people did. So Prince of Tennis and New prince of Tennis would be a great starter for this block. If it does well maybe instead of replacement I’d be reshown?

4 Yu Yu Hakusho
Do you need to ask? Really? Of course Yu Yu Hakusho will be on here. With only 117 episode it won’t be for very long but it will do well. I believe it always does, doesn’t it? So there is you 4 to 4:30.

4:30 Rurouni Kenshin
This is the same as Yu Yu Hakusho. It’s a damn good anime that I miss and I’d love to rewatch it. I’d prefer everyone get the chance to see it so I positioned it here. It’s a nice Idea I think. Running the same as the others with a new episode each weekday.

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Arashi Uchiha


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PostSubject: Re: Your own Anime Network   Sat Sep 08, 2012 9:09 pm

Day one

5-5:30 am
I would show DBZ, High school students are just waking up and getting ready for a long day at school, why not give them a blast from the past? A new episode would air every day until the series ended.
5:30-6 Am
YuyuHakaho, going with the trend of, A Blast from the Past, it would also air a new episode each day until it ends.
6-7 am
I would show Lucky Star, its a very friendly show for anyone, Children who have yet to start school would love watching this show With all of the references to other anime it would spark an interest in other anime for them. New episode would air each day, once the series ends random reruns would occur until ratings drop, than it will be replaced.
7-8 am
Pokemon. No matter your age pokemon is a great anime, Children would love it and the abundance of episodes would keep their interest for a long time. New episodes would be shown daily.
9-10 am
Digimon. Similar to pokemon, it would capture the interests of children and the abundance of episodes would make for a good watch.
10-11 am
Sailor moon, Loved by both boys and girls. Its story is quite good and its a loved and well respected anime, who wouldnt want to watch it?
11-12 am
Yugioh the original series. Monsters that come out of cards and battle eachother, perfect for kids and adults, I know I loved it growing up.
12-1 pm
Naruto. It teaches kids to follow their dreams and always look for the best in people no matter if they like you or not. it has many episodes and good animation, new episode every day.
1-2 pm
Gundam, a new episode would be shown every day, one one series is over another would begin.
2-3 pm
Inyuasha. ne episode every day
3-4 pm
Case closed, this is mean for teens and every one is just getting home from school, what would start the free time off any better?
4-5 pm
Code Geass. It has an amazing story and amazing animations, great for teens. new episodes every day until completion.
6-7 pm
Haruhi Suzumia, it revolves around god, nuff said
8-9 pm
Eden of the East. A man who may be a terrorist find himself out side the white house holding a gun naked.
10-11 pm
Full Metal Pannic! Adults and teens are usually awake and kids are sleeping, full metal pannic is a nice mix of mecca and school life, maybe some romance?
11 pm - 12 am
Elfen Lied, a Diclonious named Lucy breaks out of her cell than begins killing anyone in her path.
12- 1 am
Angel Beats! New episodes every day, once completed it would reboot
1-2 am
School Days, a love triangle of Sekai, Katsura, and Makoto during every day school life, DEATH TO ALL THE PEOPLE!
2-3 am
Mirai Nikki. Future diaries are given toa group of people, they fight to become god.
3-4 am
Shuffle! A nice Harem anime which give the main character, Rin, a choice, he can either become the king of Gods or the King of Demons.
4-5 am
This Ugly Yet Beautiful world. A great story about this girl who falls from the sky and who just happens to be the girl of the main characters dreams.

There ya go! A day of anime brought to you by Arashi Uchiha!
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Your own Anime Network
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