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 Factions of Cathorin

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PostSubject: Factions of Cathorin   Sat Jan 05, 2013 12:15 pm

University of Enell Nebelan

"The University" as called by the alchemist that study there was originally founded by a former mage known as Enell Nebelan. Whose life work was dedicated to finding the origins of magic. It was in his late adulthood when he discovered magic bent the laws of the relevant reality and was drawn from a source of cosmic energy, even more shocking was that each time magic was cast a negative reaction would occur meaning it came at a cost. Creating the Equivalent exchange rule Enell then pulled other concerned sorcerers and witches into his influence and began to create formulas to complete the same feets he had his entire life, yet not upset the balance. Now in his old age, Enell is the Dean of the University and it's students and professors seek a world of balance, meaning the eradication of magic.

Mage's Circle

The Circle is the inner group of the mages guild that is stretched across Cathorin. The Circle preaches that Magic is the natural progression of the human species. Using ancient tomes on Alchemy to dismiss Enells claim to discover it. The claim that man reached it's limits with Alchemy long before modern times and magic was a last ditch effort at progression. In it's teaching it claims magic has yet to become perfect but can eventually be purified. Many members have a hatred for alchemist. To the point of hostility, believing holding on to the old will stop all efforts at perfecting the new.

Brotherhood of the Broken Glass

A movement of young travelers, adventures and traders. Little information is known currently.

The Right Hand

A Group of self proclaimed law enforcement. Although self established this large group of warriors & Mages are recognized by the government and have jails and fortresses through out Cathorin. Each is highly trained in one on one combat, and the pay is rather good.

Note: More factions and possible more information will be add as the game progresses. Currently this is common knowledge in the starting area of Session #1 and is by no means all there is.
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Factions of Cathorin
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