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 Lore of Session 1

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PostSubject: Lore of Session 1   Mon Jan 07, 2013 1:14 am

The Unity of Cathorin

Born by the name of Catherine Moonwater, of the Moonwater tribe. The soon to be Queen over all the land was nothing more then a student of the ancient arts. A prodigy with unlimited potential. But pushed to find herself when teachings where no longer enough. After many days on the seas and exploring the world she found that life had stopped progressing and the tribes where anchoring the world to the soil. Allying with the Ashenveil tribe Young Catherine returned to liberate the lands from the tribes of the ancients. Wield powers that rivaled the gods. Swearing that once man was united under the same powers, he could walked beside gods. Not as servants, not as worshipers but equals. Thus the empire took over all the land and became united under her name. Mother of Nature Catherine had raised an empire. Cathorin.


More Lore will be unlocked VIA Tomes later on
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Lore of Session 1
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