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 Item Information

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PostSubject: Item Information   Mon Jan 07, 2013 11:57 am

Tomes: Tomes are books that give updates to information. This could be an update to the lore section, faction section or information on a new quest in the futures. Although some will be blank, others will be worth the read.

Grimoire (Equipment): Grimoires is a mages best-friend. Being equipped with on of these allows you to reuse spells multiple times rather then the once per spell page. These can hold numbers of spells starting at 5 and then working there way up.

Weapons (Equipment): Weapons are well weapons. Should be easy guys.

Ingredients/Herb: For herbology and Alchemy these are essential and come in many forms from the monster you just killed to the purple flower described in the description.

Accessories: Rings, Necklaces, anything that can be worn.

Alchemy Journal: A Journal used to hold recipes. Very useful pre combat but due to time it takes to prepare symbols, or mixtures it's not handy in combat situations

Spell Page: A spell that holds information to cast a spell. Unless held in a Grimoire the page will burn up after use.

Recipe: Recipes are pages for Alchemy. Each holding information on a new formula. Recipes like spell pages burn up after use unless bound to an Alchemy Journal.

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Item Information
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