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 Louis Crick

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PostSubject: Louis Crick   Mon Jan 07, 2013 9:09 pm

Name: Louis Crick
Age: 16
Sex: Male
Likes: Reading (Philosophy,Fiction), Writing (Poetry), Nature, Doodling, Daydreaming, Being Lost
Dislikes: Loudness, Crowds, Getting Personal (Both Space and Conversation),Drugs,Dependency
Fears:Becoming Overly Emotional In Public,Intimacy With Women,Doctors, Poisoning

Parental information: Louis is from a low-income,single-parent family. He lived with his mother,Shannon,who was roughly 22 when she gave birth. Shannon suffered from manic depression and, despite rare bouts of affection and genuine love, typically left Louis to his own devices. She was declared neglectful and Louis was placed in the orphanage when he was 6. Her current whereabouts are unknown.
The Father's name and whereabouts are unknown.

Childhood: As a child,Louis spent most of time wandering the forested area behind his house. The quiet there was a different sort than the quiet that lingered in his mother's bedroom during her long periods of stupor.His Introverted nature became cemented,but he also developed a Fondness for the Outdoors, Sympathy for Animals, and an Active Imagination. He usually gathered and prepared his own food,and is still uncomfortable with other people doing things for him.
However, there are vague memories of a sister-like figure visiting him on occasion. She would make food, clean the house, and tend to the duties Shannon didn't. She was at least an adolescent at the time.Her name,relation to Louis, and current whereabouts are unknown.
It would be reasonable to assume that Louis's trepidation with women stems from the distant relationship he had with his mother.On some levels, he blames Doctors and Medicine for her condition. Shannon had a habit of taking too much of her Medicine and sleeping for long hours. Fear of Poisoning began as a general dislike for Shannon's Medicine.
When interacting with others, Louis responds with brief,straightforward answers.He is unlikely to talk first. Despite being well-read in philosophy and the human condition, Louis's time within his own mind prevents him from fully understanding Social Graces. His aloofness and abrupt responses can be misinterpreted as standoffish, rude or awkward.

Dreams/Goals/Ambitions: Louis feels that life in the orphanage is too limited- he is not free to roam or to discover. Although he doesn't have the qualities of a "hero", he is a wanderer and has become bored with the orphanage. The same spot in the forest changes daily, but the only change in the orphanage is it's slow decay.
He is the type that would feel more fulfilled gathering his own food, even if it's a mere meal a day, than being handed three square ones. His main goal is to make his own way and provide for himself, probably as a scribe or some sort of clerical position, but anything that requires solitude and thought (such as a farmer or fisherman) would be enjoyable.

"Give me solitude — give me Nature — give me again, O Nature, your primal sanities!" - Walt Whitman

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Louis Crick
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