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 Clan Creation

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PostSubject: Clan Creation   Sat Feb 16, 2013 8:36 pm

This is only up until the 13 clans are summarized. After that this will be locked until all clans are under the control of a RPER. Then it will be reopened for minor clans to be created.


Clan Head(or Heads) Name:
Common Traits:
Common Weapons:
General information: Like customs, inner workings, ect

The following is the ability Chart. Each clan gets 3 abilities and 1 disadvantage. 1 extra ability is allowed if 2 appropriate disadvantages are added. These cover natural elemental affinity. Advance elements must be done in 3 abilities see the example below

-Fire Element
-Water Element
-Boil Element (Water + Fire)

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Clan Creation
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