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 Taiko Shogunate

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PostSubject: Taiko Shogunate   Sat Feb 16, 2013 9:02 pm

Name: Taiko Shogunate
Clan Head(or Heads) Name: Taiko Tokugawa
Environment: The Taiko Shogunate have a rather large city built in the center of the country. It's borders are a few small farming towns in which they are in control. The landscape is rather flat, housing a rive and few mountians.
Appearance: The Taiko Shogunate where basic Samurai armor. Sometimes with a mask to protect/hid their faces.
Common Traits: ----
Common Weapons: Katana's, Nigato, other forms of weapons commonly associated with Samurai of edo japan
General information: The Taiko Shogunate is a militia of highly trained warriors who serve Taiko Tokugawa on his quest of ruling the content and finding the remains of the Rikudo Sennin. More of a military force then a clan the members act not for themselves but Taiko and his will.

- Raw Elemental manipulation
- Chakra Manipulation
- Chakra Enchancement (Using Elemental chakra or Chakra and combining it with equipment

-Can not preform Jutsu
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Taiko Shogunate
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