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 Dokusei Clan

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PostSubject: Dokusei Clan   Tue Feb 19, 2013 8:44 pm

Name: Dokusei Clan

Clan Head(or Heads) Name: Jinpachi Dokusei
Environment: The Dokusei clan live in a complex network of caverns that in the mountainous area of the Lost Continent. The caves systems have a complex filtration system build by the clans very few earth users that allow them to seal off chambers and fill them with a poison mist with application of chakra to hidden seals.

Appearance: Most members of the clan are pale skin with forest green hair. Eye colors vary between dark blue to black or green. Most of the ninja's favor gas mask which filter in the air they breath into the normal carbon dioxide that is exhaled. When air laced with chakra is breathed out, the filters nullify allowing them to use their unique poison ninjutsu.

Common Traits: The Dokusei clan are a very cautious clan, only seen outside when doing contracts or visiting the few people that they call allies.

Common Weapons: Senbon and Daggers. They prefer to use poison on there weapons.

General information: They are known as master poison developers but are also very secretive about how they make the poisons. Only allies that have proven themselves may buy poisons from the Dokusei Clan.

- Intimate knowledge of poison and antidotes.
- Poison Ninjutsu
- Bodies not suited for close range taijutsu.
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Dokusei Clan
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