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PostSubject: Zenkai    Tue Feb 19, 2013 9:29 pm

Name: Zenkai
Clan Head(or Heads) Name: Kijin Zenkai
Enviroment: The Zenkai tribe are wanders of the lost contenent often setting up camps for a few days before moving again.
Appearance: The Zenkai clan have choppy black hair and are often dress in solid black for stealth. They have light brown skin, black hair and black eyes.
Common Traits: ---
Common Weapons: Weighted Chain
General information: The Zenkai clan have a special combination of lightning and earth element where the dust particles are charged with static. They then create small explosions. However it is not known if this is a kekeigenkai or a special trait as Kijin is the only member able to use this technique. The rest of the clan rely on producing static to do lightning bolt like attacks while using stealth in their combat.

-Cluster release (lightning+Earth)

- Extremely rare for members to have cluster release. Has a 1 in 400 ratio
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