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 Enbou Clan

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PostSubject: Enbou Clan   Tue Feb 19, 2013 10:01 pm

Name: Enbou
Clan Head(or Heads) Name: Miko Enbou
Enviroment: The Enbou clan are located in a group of shrines known as the Celestial Hills. Located in the Northern part of the Lost Continent. The Shrines are on the tops of mountains and entertain visitors and worshipers alike.
Appearance: The Enbou clan don't differ much from normal people.
Common Traits: Males are all mundane in the Enbou clan however the females of the clan are gifted with the ability to see into the future. The further in the longer it takes to see.
Common Weapons: None
General information: The ability to see the future is a great gift. However it's time consumption makes it impossible to use in battle and has made the Enbou clan a target. For this reason the followers of the many maidens, along with the males of the Enbou clan train nearly none stop in order to protect the clan.


-Foresight is extremely time consuming. With time increasing the further one dwells. It's been noted of some maiden falling comatose when looking into the future. It's assumed they dive in too deep.
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Enbou Clan
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