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 Tetsoko Clan

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PostSubject: Tetsoko Clan   Wed Feb 20, 2013 1:41 pm

Name: Tetsoko

Clan Head(or Heads) Name: Hinara Tetsoko

Enviroment: The tetsoko clan live in a small village high in the frigid mountains of the southern areas of the lost continent. They have a large fur trade network with the smaller villages at the base of the mountain.

Appearance: They have no defining traits other than generally having fair colored hair. (Mostly shades of blonde)

Common Traits: Large Chakra pools, poor chakra control.

Common Weapons: They have large metal cylinders that are laced with seals on the top and bottom allowing them to channel their chakra into them and glide through the air on them.

General information: They have a strong fur trade in the southern continent bringing them decent amounts of money.

- Gravity Manipulation
- Normal elemental affinities but never more than 1
- Due to high chakra requirments for gravity manipulation and naturally large chakra pools, Tetsoko clan ninja's must train hard there entire lives just to maintain decent chakra control.
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Tetsoko Clan
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