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 Kishou Clan

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PostSubject: Kishou Clan   Wed Feb 20, 2013 1:53 pm

Name: Kishou
Clan Head(or Heads) Name: Enten Kishou
Enviroment: The Kishou clan live at the base of a large volcano in the nothern parts of the lost continent. This area is full of hot springs and is often subjected to much heat.
Appearance: Kishou clan have the common appearance traits of tan skin and loose clothing. Normally being seen barefoot and gloveless.
Common Traits: The Kishou clan have high body temperature therefore they can't stand restrictive clothing often leaving their ears, hands and feet uncovered by clothing due to retaining heat.
Common Weapons: None, the Kishou clan normally don't use weapons.
General information: Located in regions near volcanoes the Kishou clan are immune to hear and are actually able to bestow it or take it away due to their kekeigenkai Heat Release. Heat Release speeds up or slows down the molecules in a object or in the air creating friction and heat or eliminating it be slowing the friction down.

-Heat Release (The increase or decrease in molecule speed)
- Fire resistant
- Heat Release combos

- Due to their natural body heat armor or other garments that protect the users body can not be used. Thus leaving them open to many attacks
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Kishou Clan
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