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 Nasako Clan

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Oroike Yuki


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PostSubject: Nasako Clan   Fri Feb 22, 2013 5:40 pm

Name: Nasako

Clan Head(or Heads) Name: Ganaro Nasako

Environment: They live in a small forested area of the lost continent in a tightly compacted village surrounded by a wooden wall.

Appearance: Members of the clan normally have a pale complexion with red hair and green eyes.

Common Traits: The clan favors the use of water ninjutsu, they are known for being calm in all types of situations. They are amazing tacticians and value intelligence before strength.

Common Weapons: They use the normal ninja weapons, kunai, shuriken, etc.

General information: This clan has an unparralelled mastery of suiton ninjutsu, allowing them to draw water molicules from the air itself to power their jutsu.

- Master over water jutsu
- Amazing patience and tactical ability
- Weak against lightning users, all members born with only water affinity

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Nasako Clan
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