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 Junkan Clan

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PostSubject: Junkan Clan   Fri Feb 22, 2013 8:22 pm

Name: Junkan
Clan Head(or Heads) Name: Awarege Junkan
Enviroment: The Junkan clans main residence is in the eastern forest area where the trees are chakra adept. Growing from chakra being channeled into them the Jukan clan create their staffs from these trees. But this area isn't the only area the clan can be found. Althrough out the lost continent Monasterys and small shrines are built that the Junkan Clan monitor.
Appearance: The Junkan clan wear Monk robes, prayers bead and are bald genetically. Often wearing long fingerless gloves and foot wraps instead of shoes or sandals
Common Traits: Bald, ability to use Natural Chakra
Common Weapons: Staff
General information: The Junkan clan are teachers of the Junkan Religion. This teaching is the belief that cycling Natural chakra and turning to stone is becoming enlightened and finding piece. Becoming one with the earth. However some misplace this chakra and transform into Oni type beings. These are the ones meant to suffer to teach and pass the cycle on.

-Natural Chakra
- Sage Mode
- Chakra Growth staves.
- Highly trained in seals
- Ability to release and absorb chakra

-Must Circulate Natural Chakra frequently, uninterrupted
-Members are sworn to pacifism (never to strike first and to avoid violence)
- Those with Sage Mode can become insane. Which will be shown via a NPC character in this RP.
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Junkan Clan
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