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 Character Creation Template

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Oroike Yuki


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PostSubject: Character Creation Template   Sun Apr 21, 2013 4:25 pm

Hair: (Style and Color)

S.P.E.C.I.A.L. Skills. (You get 5 points to add to any skill, the base is 5. If you've played fallout you know how this works)

Strength: (Hit em with that sledge hammer hard enough to kill em.)
Perception: (The easier you are alerted to danger, the faster you can shoot em.)
Endurance: (Sometimes you don't need to be the fastest, just able to run longer)
Charisma: (Who needs a gun when you can convince a man to shoot himself?)
Intelligence: (You want that robot? Hack that fucking robot.)
Agility: (Not actually speed. Ability to jump higher, sneak better and such.)
Luck: (Sometimes just being a lucky son of a bitch comes in handy more than anything.)

Specialties: (Pick three, you can have others as time goes on but it will take quite a bit of time and effort to get them up to par with these.

Barter (No i'm not paying 50 caps for that crap!)
Energy Weapons (Firing ma laser)
Explosives (Sometimes you just gotta blow something up.)
Guns (Long stick go boom!)
Lockpick (You don't like that man? Break into his house and steal his shit.)
Medicine (Yeah, i'll patch you up. Reckless asshole.)
Melee Weapons (Sometimes you just gotta hit someone with a big stick.)
Repair (Just because I can fix it doesn't mean you have to break it dickface!)
Science (Fuck yeah, science!)
Sneak (You are the night, even during the day)
Speech (Tell him how it is, then steal his woman.)
Unarmed (Ima punch that bitch in the throat.)

(After you choose the above, i'll roll for starting weapons)
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Character Creation Template
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