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PostSubject: Rules   Mon Jan 07, 2013 1:01 am

- Yolo (You only live once) Once your character dies you are out of the session until the next arc. Your new character can then be brought in.
- A Man who doesn't fight doesn't grow
-Killing is never easy
-Skills come with time. One must walk before they run.
-Quality over Quantity when posting but detail and explanation will pay off.
-Your actions effect everything. Please think before you act.
-Each character may only use two pieces of equipment (Grimiores, Weapons, and shields fall under Equipment)
-Follow post orders set in presession
-Keep track of spells/items. A place on the site will be there for that.
-GM must keep track of spells/items and skill/abilities of each player to stop cheating.
-GM will do addition and subtraction of all needed fields as well as dice rolls until players are trusted not to cheat. This privilege can be taken at any point.
-Please RP in third person
-Have Fun
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